Seakart 335
110hp Seakart Deluxe - 2020 with 16 Engine Hours 
Boosted Audio system (4 x 8.8" Signature 330W speakers, 2 x 4" Speakers, 4 Channel Amplifier, Fusion BB300 Stereo and NRX300 Remote Control) , teak, LED onboard, grey seats and grey nose/console.
Available NOW  - Call today 01903 530039 to book a test drive (restrictions permitting)
£37,999 inc VAT
(Normally £42,499)
180hp Racing Premium Black! - NEW 2021 STOCK
High Quality Spec.  Fusion audio system, amplifier and 4 speakers, teak, LED onboard, LED underwater, Diamonte Lava Red seats, Black Fabric Impression tubes, Black Get Coat
** DUE INTO STOCK SPRING 2021**  10% refundable deposit available to secure first test drive
2021 PRICE
£46,200  inc VAT

Seakart Cover
Jet Ski Trailer
Wheel Clamps
Ratchet Straps
Lifejackets (adults and kids) & Bouyancy Aids
Mooring Rope
Handheld VHF Radio
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