Splash Out! 
Adventure is in reach

Piloting your own water craft has never been this much fun. Living your best life doesn’t have to be a dream. 
With the Seakart® 335 it can be your reality.

Built for safety

Unlike a jet ski, the Seakart 335’s passengers aren’t seated in line. In the event of a mishap, the fiberglass parts and inflated tubes around the vessel create a protective cocoon, ensuring you and other passengers are safe. 

Jet propulsion not only gives the Seakart its unique performance and agility, it provides a great safety factor for a craft that is so versatile. 

With additional safety features of a kill-cord (attached to the drivers leg) and a variable accelerator paddle ensures everyone can have a fun, safe time!

Engineered for speed

Besides world-class quality and optimum safety, top-notch performance is a priority for us.  It’s for this reason we’ve chosen to power our tender with an economic and reliable Yamaha jet engine.   

With a choice of either the  1 litre 110hp TR-1 or the 1.8 litre 180hp VXR jet engines (45mph and 65mph top speeds respectively) from Yamaha combined with Seakarts intuitive accelerator paddle and 1/4 turn full lock sporty steering, you have a powerful machine at hand and control is completely yours. You’ll always feel comfortable and in charge.

Designed for comfort

Although the Seakart® 335 is compact, it’s both ergonomic and spacious. It comfortably seats up to 5 people and is incredibly easy to operate. 

The Seakart has a central seating location for the helm – if you are running one-up or fully loaded, having that central positioning in the boat gives lots of options for balancing the load so the boat runs nicely in all conditions.

Having the layout of 3 seated across the stern allows the driver to share the experience with the passengers – unlike a jet ski or a RIB where the passengers are either behind or in front of you.  

Sharing the experience is half of the fun!

Whether you’re accelerating to achieve maximum speed or slowing down to explore the ocean and surrounding scenery, the Seakart 335 guarantees a fast, fun thrill.

Family pleasure boat... or thrilling sea craft

Spend idyllic days cruising around secluded inlets, absorbing the beauty of your surroundings, or enjoy high speed fun, skipping swells and crashing through waves – the Seakart 335 let's you do it all in style.

Activate the 180hp L-mode (learner mode) to reduce the engine power to approx. 70hp gives confidence to novice drivers or children.   De-activate the L-mode for serious high-speed fun!

Did you know that the Yamaha nozzle is also flyboard compatible for extreme watersports fun - cool huh?!

Build Quality

Seakart ensure that every boat is built to the highest standards. Their skilled craftsmen ensure that every section of the boat is finished to the highest quality – they even make their own inflatable tubes rather than buying them in ready made which is rare in today’s RIB market.

 Only the best materials are sourced, using world class Hypalon fabrics for the tubes and marine upholstery means that this boat feels special in every way possible.  

Of course, when you mention quality you cannot overlook the quality engine.  At Yamaha they pride themselves on performance and durability in every market they are a part of.   Maintenance costs are low, and the engine is serviceable globally at any Yamaha Jet Ski Service Centre.

So what are you waiting for? If you're ready to enjoy the experience of this exclusive water sport contact us today.
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