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Every part of the Seakart that you can see is fully customisable!   We will run through below the various options available should you wish to build to order.

Making memories does not have to be a dream,
With the Seakart® 335 it can be your reality.

World class hypalon tubes

Seakart has chosen the best supplier of Hypalon in the world. Hypalon is a far superior fabric to PVC which is more prone to cracking than Hypalon and has a shorter life span of approx. 5-10 years versus Hypalons 15-20 years. 

 The Orca Hypalon comes in a variety of finishes and every finish is available in a rainbow of colour choices.


Again, Seakart does not disappoint with the choice of fabric supplier. The Spradling range is the “go-to” range for Marine Exteriors and Interiors. Their coated fabrics are engineered, tested and certified to resist the toughest conditions in marine environments. They offer a seriously wide range of over 25 fabrics which can vary from offering 1 colour choice up to 26 colours choices depending on fabric chosen.

Gel Coat – hull and deck, nose and console

Should you wish, Seakart can offer the gel coat to be a different colour – depending on gel coats available. The most popular seem to be all black or all white but other colours are available upon request.

Much like the hull and deck – the nose and console cover on the Seakart can be your colour of choice. This is a popular choice when keeping the hull and deck white to customise to your tastes – we’ve seen a wide variety of colours from blue, yellow, grey, red, pink and of course black!

Lighting and teak decking

Seakart offer both on-board and under water lighting. The lights of choice, yep you guessed it are of a high quality. The underwater lights have the full LED spectrum of colours even though there is more basic lighting available – who wouldn’t want a colourful light show of their own!

There are 2 main types of decking available in the marine sector – both are synthetic but are very authentic too! On one hand you have the SeaDek synthetic teak which is the “spongier” material and very comfy underfoot. It comes in a wide variety of main and caulking colours to match your colour scheme of seating for the sporty look.

However, our personal preference is the Flexiteek 2G which is designed to be safe and comfortable in extreme conditions and to last for many years with minimal maintenance. Available in stylish, contemporary colours its no wonder than over 200 of the worlds leading boat builders choose this product – and Seakart is no different!

Marine Audio System

When it comes to marine audio systems – Fusion is the best! Their award-winning entertainment systems are designed for all shapes and sizes of boats. For the Seakart, the best option is to have a hidden stereo in the nose of the boat, with a remote control located on the steering wheel for instant access to all your music.   We believe the best combination to be: 

• 2 x 8.8” Signature speakers in the nose 
• 2 x 4” speakers under the console at the helm • Stereo and amplifier hidden in the nose 
• Remote control on the steering wheel 

The chosen unit will most likely have Bluetooth functionality as well as a USB port hidden with the console switches. 

The choice of combinations is yours and the speakers come in a variety of colours / finishes. Oh and did we mention the top of the range 8.8” Signature speakers are backlit too!
What combinations would you choose?  Contact us below and let us know!
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